Annual Planning Workshops


Get the most out of your annual planning and strategic planning sessions by having a business growth expert facilitate for you. We have extensive experience working with growth firms and combine this with a deep understanding of world-leading business frameworks that have been proven to boost growth and profitability. Our structured process and best practice business tools to help you to plan smarter, in more depth and more thoroughly than you could ever do on your own. We have helped SME and mid-market companies across New Zealand complete over 400 annual business plans. Our service includes helping plan and prepare your annual strategic planning session and then facilitating the session for you.

Business Strategic Planning Process and Outcomes

  • Define your high-level business strategy so that it is correct, clear and aligned.
  • Define your core purpose, core values, core customer and brand promise.
  • Define your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) 10 to 15 years out.
  • Define your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine actions for trends that could affect your company in the next 24 months (SWT).
  • Determine 3 year strategic targets, your winning moves in differentiators, key thrusts and capabilities.

Business Execution Planning Process and Outcomes

  • Develop your top 5 annual and quarterly priorities .
  • Set business metrics (KPIs) for your leadership team, in line with the company strategy and priorities.
  • Strengthen business execution with communication rhythms.
  • Improve your 4 cash cycles (make, buy, sales process, debtors/creditors).
  • Identify 7 levers to increase cash and create a cash strategy aligned to your business strategy.

Business Outcomes

  • Long-term business growth strategy set, short to medium-term business strategy set to drive revenue growth, clear annual priorities and 1st quarter priorities.
  • Leadership team aligned to the business strategy and annual priorities.
  • Line of sight set for the company to see where it is going and what you are focused on.
  • Cash strategy aligned to the business strategy and annual priorities.
  • Completion of the One Page Strategic Plan so you have the outcomes of your annual planning workshop clearly defined.

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