Business Growth & Differentiation Workshops


A strategic and innovative thinking workshop that helps business leaders unlock breakthrough business growth strategies. Drawing on hundreds of history’s most innovative global strategic thinkers and firms, our workshop is designed to help leaders infuse strategic clarity into their business. We employ the Outthinker Process that uses proven principles and processes to equip leaders and their teams with an easy, practical, repeatable and innovative business strategy framework. This business method is designed to shape your corporate culture with a focused toolkit to help you gain competitive advantage – to outthink and outperform your competition.

Success in business today requires you to think outside the square. The Outthinker Process unlocks creative, new, interesting and even crazy solutions – providing the you with highly original, differentiated and sometimes disruptive business strategies. Breakthroughs that give you a distinct competitive advantage and your competitors have no way of anticipating.

Learning Objectives

During the Business Growth and Differentiation Workshop you will learn how to:

  • Build strategic planning, competitive advantage and innovative thinking skills.
  • Unlock competitive advantage with breakthrough business growth strategies.
  • Learn and gain command over a set of competitive strategy and innovative thinking business tools.
  • Gain real-world practice applying these tools.
  • Construct “4th Option” solutions, innovative ideas with the potential to disrupt the market.
  • Feel ready to apply the tools and business methods immediately at work.

Workshop Outcomes

After implementing the Outthinker Process, you will:

  • Approach business challenges more strategically and innovatively.
  • Elevate your level of intrapreneurial intensity (the frequency and degree with which you will seek innovative growth opportunities).
  • Know how to achieve strategic clarity, aligning your teams and business around one strategy.
  • Have identified several disruptive growth ideas.
  • Have adopted tools to unlock innovative solutions to pressing business problems.
  • Infuse greater innovative and strategic thinking throughout the business.

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