Scaling Up Workshops


Are you frustrated by your growth rate and know there is a better way to scale your business? Our Scaling Up Workshops will give you a clear business structure and process for business growth. We guide you through the proven Scaling Up Framework, focusing on the Rockefeller Habits and Four Decisions you must get right to maximise your revenue, profits and time. Director Leigh Paulden is NZ’s only senior GI growth consultant and is specifically trained to help you and your leadership team get focused, get working and grow.

Learning Objectives

During the Scaling Up Workshop you will learn how to:

  • Align – get faster results with less effort by developing business clarity, team alignment and accountability.
  • Accelerate – develop a strategic advantage over the competition. Position your brand as a market leader.
  • Advance – help employees understand and fulfil 100% of your brand promises and see your company’s reputation and revenues soar.
  • Apply – use and implement world leading Scaling Up tools and business methods.

Scaling Up Workshop Outcomes

Businesses attending our Scaling Up Workshops achieve:

  • Clarity – on business milestones and defined business strategies to reach those goals.
  • Focus – refined business processes to give you time to focus at the strategic level.
  • Impact – business structure review and remedies for immediate benefit.
  • Engagement – staff engagement that creates motivated and productive teams.
  • Growth – increased profits through sustainable business growth.
  • Excellence – a business framework to become a business champion.

You will be able to start executing immediately after the workshop.

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