Four Decisions: Cash Resources

Do you have the available cash to grow your business?

Fact – growth sucks cash – it’s the oxygen required by your business, so knowing your cash conversion cycles and improving them is vital for growth. Why do businesses fail? Cash flow issues. Cash flow management isn’t strategy, but you can’t execute your strategy without it! You can survive a long time without profit, but without cash you will quickly fail.

Resources to help you increase cash to facilitate business growth

This library of resources, tools and planning documents will help you better manage your cashflow to grow your business. The first step is to understand your Cash Conversion Cycle – you can read more about this the article “10 Ways To Reduce Your Cash Conversion Cycle” below. Once you have an understanding of your Cash Conversion Cycle the very next step is to work out how to reduce it. This is the critical next step that can transform a growing business and we recommend checking out the key business tools below to help you on your way.

This is a growing resource, with new material being added on a regular basis, please visit again.



Check our Business Library to view our recommendations and reviews of books to assist with managing cash flow.


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