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Step Into The Future

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Today, thinking big and thinking strategically is simply not enough to survive in the long-term. Strategic thinking will only take you so far because of one very problematic assumption – that learning from and improving on past successes, will lead to future success.

“In my experience working with many businesses across industries and sectors, I have seen that strategy projections will only grow a business to a point. After this, they will stop growing altogether.

Outthinker helps businesses step into the future and avoid the trap of pursuing the same, unoriginal strategies. The Outthinker process helps business leaders ‘think new’ and identify disruptive and innovative strategies with the outcome of driving long-term company growth.”

Leigh Paulden, Outthinker Growth Consultant

Serious About Growth?

Outthinker Growth Consultants undergo rigorous training. To be certified they must demonstrate:

  • Transformative client impact
  • Strategic thinking
  • Facilitation talent 

SSBG Director Leigh Paulden is one of only six Certified Outthinker Growth Strategists in Australasia. Using the Outthinker process recently, Leigh facilitated the exploration of opportunities for a client that no one had yet thought of or seen. The outcome was a powerful, disruptive strategy spawning a new company that grew to 20% of the size of the parent company in 15 months. This new disrupter company is expected to grow at 100% per year over the next four years, radically disrupting the industry.

Now, mid-market businesses in New Zealand looking for global growth have a clear path to success. By laying the strategic foundation to thrive, SSBG clients:

  • Gain clarity and develop innovative strategies
  • Accelerate their business growth rates by 100-120%
  • Build organization capabilities
  • Achieve business excellence

A Path to Success

At your next strategy meeting, ask yourself – how do we shift our mindset to see the innovative strategies that will take our business into the future? How do we ‘think new’ and outthink our competition? How do we become a company of the future?

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Get on the path to success

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