Become a business growth champion!

There comes a time in every growing business when current strategy, capacity and resources are just not cutting it. When growth has stalled or is happening so fast you feel out of control. When you need action and results. At SSBG, we help business leaders who are frustrated with their growth rate and know there is a better way to scale. As experts in business growth strategies, we provide CEOs and leadership teams with a proven framework, an individualised approach, and expert advice to scale with success.

SSBG Director Leigh Paulden is the only GI business consultant in New Zealand. he has undergone rigorous international training and has extensive experience with globally proven business growth frameworks. Most importantly Leigh is passionate about the success of mid-market business leaders and the companies he is growing.

With a successful track record of business consulting with New Zealand’s top mid-market firms, SSBG clients have a combined annual revenue of $231 million. Last financial year, our clients had an average business growth rate of 23.2%.

In the video below, Leigh talks about the common issues facing mid-market business leaders and how to overcome your business growth pains.

Four Decisions®

Mini Assessment

A simple yet powerful tool developed to help you assess your growth trajectory and help you build a growth roadmap to future success.

Become a Business Champion

We understand the issues facing NZ business leaders. We combine this with knowledge and experience to help you develop a personalised growth strategy and become a business champion.

If you’re serious about business growth – get in touch and let’s see how we can move your business forward.

Gravitas Impact - Four Decisions

Premium Executive Business Consultants.

Gravitas Impact is a world-leading executive education platform that helps mid-market companies scale and succeed.

GI Consultants and Coaches undergo rigorous annual training for their certification and are recognised as the most experienced and effective mid-market business growth consultants in the world.

Growth strategy is based on the proven Four Decisions® framework and methodologies from globally recognised thought leaders.

Outthinker Certified

Growth Strategy Consultants.

Outthinker is an internationally proven framework to help mid-market businesses achieve strategic clarity. The Outthinker process helps business leaders ‘think new’ and identify disruptive and innovative strategies with the outcome of driving long-term company growth.

Used by 300 companies globally to accelerate growth rates by 100%-120%.

Outthinker growth strategists undergo rigorous training and demonstrate transformative client impact.