Outthinker Growth Strategy

The rules of business are changing. The business strategies that companies have used to succeed over the past decades are now being superseded. Mid-market growth companies need to radically change their approach to business growth strategy to compete. Their leaders must change their mind-set to outthink their competition, to innovate and create a competitive edge. This is where the Outthinker strategy, guided by experienced Outthinker coaches and consultants, can help to guide leadership thinking in new, innovative directions.

“The winners of today are competing with a new set of rules and are flustering their traditional competitors as a result. The thinkers first dismiss the outthinkers, then they ridicule them; eventually they realise the outthinkers have figured out something new and then they try to beat them. But if the outthinkers play their game right, by then it is too late.” Kaihan Krippendorff

About Outthinker

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In 2004, a team of McKinsey consultants realised that the traditional strategic planning approach employed by most mid-sized businesses constrained innovative and strategic thinking. Conventional business strategy approaches were designed to encourage businesses to repeat past strategies and performance.

Over the subsequent years, after leaving McKinsey, Kaihan Krippendorff and his team developed the Outthinker Process and honed it in practice. Focusing on the strategic foundations of business, the Outthinker business method is proven to accelerate growth rates by 100%-120%.

Now, Outthinker has been applied to over 300 companies globally including Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. It is recognised as a leading business framework to achieve company-wide strategic clarity, innovation and disruptive strategy.

Business Strategy With A Competitive Edge

The Outthinker Process explains that the best way to win the business strategy game is to be so unconventional you disorient your competition until they are unable to respond effectively. This is what it means to “outthink” your competition.

To do this effectively, businesses must:

  • Recognise when an industry is rigid.
  • Identify a strategy others have ignored.
  • Validate whether this strategy is better.
  • Execute the strategy in a unique way.

The Outthinker Playbook

The Outthinker Playbook Chart

The Outthinker Process and Habits

The Outthinker approach pivots on five habits and a five-step process that helps business leaders see and then realise unorthodox solutions to society’s problems. When applied, these habits and this process generates dynamic new business strategies. This is where you find breakthrough strategy, disruptive strategy, innovation and strategic clarity.

The Outthinker Process & Habits Chart

Outthinker Growth Consultants

Outthinker Growth Consultants undergo rigorous training to be certified. SSBG Director Leigh Paulden is one of only six Certified Outthinker Growth Strategists in Australasia.

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