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Helping High-Growth Firms Achieve Their Vision

Mid-market business leaders across New Zealand work with senior business coach, Leigh Paulden, when they need expert advice and support to achieve the vision they have for their business.

Whether your objective is to scale and grow your company for future generations, or achieve maximum financial value by strategically selling, Leigh knows what is required to turn a good business into a great business.

Scalable Sustainable Business Growth (SSBG) works with mid-market business leaders who are seeking a recognised business framework, expert guidance, and a proven path forward. We frequently help solve challenging business problems that enable you to:

  • Drive scalable sustainable business growth.
  • Ensure your people are aligned with the company strategy, making the right decisions, and thinking and working smarter.
  • Build capability, motivate your teams, and strengthen your company culture.
  • Develop a differentiated strategy to drive revenue growth, increase profits, and achieve business excellence.
  • Grow while keeping the essence of the business that you have built.
  • Select, communicate, and align your top priorities.
  • Improve execution, productivity, and capacity within your company.
  • Improve management’s time effectiveness so leadership can spend time on the right things.
  • Dramatically improve cash flow to self-fund growth.
  • Achieve maximum financial value when it is time to sell.
  • Become business champions and move from good to great.


Mid-market businesses working with SSBG typically experience 2x or greater cash-flow, 3x industry profitability, and significant revenue growth. In fact, a number of our customers have appeared on the Deloitte Fast 50 list.

SSBG has helped some of NZ’s top mid-market businesses achieve scalable sustainable business growth.
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Do I need a business coach?

There is a common misconception that CEOs at the top of their game do not require the services of a business coach. Research recently conducted by Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches reveals a different story.

Gravitas Impact surveyed CEOs from over 120 companies before and after working with a business consultant. The resulting white paper identifies the most common problems, solutions, and outcomes that occur when a CEO engages a well-trained, experienced business coach.

“Before coaching, only 15% of the companies were in high-growth mode. After coaching, that number grew to 65%, representing a 4.4x improvement”.

Leigh Paulden

Coaching from a World-Class Expert

For over 40 years, Leigh Paulden has honed his business skills, expanded his knowledge base, and built his capability. Having undergone rigorous international training, Leigh is the only senior certified Gravitas Impact business consultant in New Zealand. He is also one of only 6 Outthinker Growth Strategists in Australasia. As a result, he is the leading provider of mid-market advisory and coaching services in New Zealand.

With a successful track record of business consulting with New Zealand’s top mid-market firms, Leigh’s clients had an average business growth rate of 34.23% last financial year.

Our Success Stories

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Anytime Fitness

How CEO Richard Ball took a successful American Franchise model and turned it on its head to make it work in the NZ market. Read case study.

Get on the path to success

Are you ready to clarify your goals, refine your systems and create strategies for scalable sustainable business growth? Contact Leigh to discover how he can help move your business forward.