Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Leigh Paulden

Leigh Paulden is an author and internationally certified business growth consultant with over 30 years of experience across 30+ different industries. He has an extraordinary knowledge base of globally proven frameworks, effective tools, and actionable strategies helping growth-focused businesses achieve their potential.

What is SSBG?

Scalable Sustainable Business Growth (SSBG) is business consulting and advisory firm located in Auckland, New Zealand. We help mid-market business leaders who are struggling to achieve their business goals and know there is a better way to scale. As expert advisors in business growth strategies, we coach mid-market CEOs and leadership teams with a proven framework, an individualised approach, and expert advice to grow and scale with success.

What are Leigh’s Credentials?

For over 40 years, Leigh Paulden has honed his business skills, expanded his knowledge base, and built his capability. Having undergone rigorous international training, Leigh is the only senior certified Gravitas Impact business consultant in New Zealand. He is also one of only 6 Outthinker Growth Strategists in Australasia. As a result, he is the leading provider of mid-market advisory and coaching services in New Zealand. Throughout his career, Leigh has held several director positions and currently holds positions on several Advisory Boards.

What is your experience and expertise in the business industry?

SSBG director and business growth consultant, Leigh Paulden, has over 30 years of experience across 30+ different industries. He has worked with over 300 companies during his career, and sixty percent of his clients operate in the global market. He works side-by-side with New Zealand’s top mid-market firms, including several Deloitte Fast 50, ExportNZ, and Westpac Business award winners.

What industries has Leigh worked in?

With a versatile background covering more than 30 industries, Leigh brings a diverse range of insights to the table. Industries he has worked in include:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Agriculture
  • Import Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Finance and Insurance.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?

Take a look at some of the business consulting clients we’ve helped achieve scalable, sustainable business growth. Read our latest case studies or look at our testimonials. You can also view some of our consulting clients.

Do you offer any additional resources or support beyond consulting sessions?

We coach mid-market CEOs and leadership teams with a proven framework, an individualised approach, and expert advice to grow and scale with success. We provide you access to an exclusive collection of practical and internationally proven resources and tools as part of the frameworks. The collection includes reference material from the well-known authors, business consultants and CEOs with proven knowledge and experience in what it takes to lead a company to commercial success and longevity.

What type of organisations do you work with?

With a successful track record of business consulting with New Zealand’s top firms, Scalable Sustainable Business Growth (SSBG) is passionate about helping mid-market business leaders realise their vision, build enduring companies, and grow for a strategic exit.

We deeply understand the critical issues faced by mid-market businesses across various industries, whether they are in the midst of growth or seeking to expand. These challenges often include pressures on the leadership team, cash flow, capability, business strategy, systems, accountability, and company culture.

How can business coaching help me and my business?

Mid-market businesses working with SSBG typically experience 2x or greater cash-flow, 3x industry profitability, and significant revenue growth. In fact, several our customers have appeared on the Deloitte Fast 50 list.

You can learn more about how we help high-growth firms achieve their vision on our Problems We Solve page.

How does the coaching work?

SSBG’s coaching and advisory process is highly personalised and considers the individual objectives and needs of our clients. A typical engagement begins with a senior leadership team workshop. Here we undergo a rigorous review process designed to clarify your overall vison and strategic direction.

We work to have your company’s long-term, medium-term and short-term strategy in place so you can start executing immediately. We then meet monthly, quarterly, and yearly to discuss business strategy and business execution to ensure you and your team are aligned, accountable and achieving results.

What is Gravitas Impact?

Gravitas Impact is a world-leading executive education platform that helps mid-market companies scale and succeed. Gravitas Impact Consultants and Coaches undergo rigorous annual training for their certification and are recognised as the most experienced and effective mid-market business growth consultants in the world.

Leigh is the only Senior Certified Gravitas Impact Business Consultant in New Zealand. His services are in demand by companies serious about gaining national and global market share.

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