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Turning 2018 Business Trends into Opportunities

The mid-term US elections are over and the power in the US has been redistributed, but still, most NZ businesses who export are concerned about the steady escalation of the US/China “Trade War”. To mitigate risk, mid-market companies are strengthening their relationships with regional trading partners in interesting ways.

Why Now Is The Time To Think About Your Annual Plan

Some things are vital to the health of a business and setting time aside to prepare your annual plan and priorities is one such activity. My advice to leaders in the mid-market is to set a date for your annual planning workshop before the end of the year so you have your strategy set before you leave work for Christmas…

Why A Structured Communication Process Speeds Up Decision Making

Most companies we see don’t have a structured communication process in place. They don’t realise that two very important things happen when everyone in your business communicates regularly. Firstly, you nip problems in the bud. Secondly, the speed of decision making accelerates.

10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail To Execute Their Strategy

The reason why great execution is so important to a growing business is because execution drives profits and time management. Here are the top 10 reasons why companies fail at execution and some tips to help you execute better. If you get these things right, your business will grow.

Cash Is The Oxygen That Fuels Business Growth

The fact is that business growth requires cash. A reason why businesses find cash flow management difficult is that it’s not easy to run the numbers to see the impact of making different financial decisions. To ensure your cash flow position is strong, you need practical and actionable tools.

How to Grow Your Business by Becoming a Better Leader

A key to scalable growth is strong leadership, but very few people are born leaders. As you grow your business you also need to grow as a leader. Here is what I learned from leadership expert John Maxwell that will help determine your success.

Three Executive Leadership Development Tips For Business Growth

As part of my rigorous Gazelles International re-certification, I’m expected be across the thinking of the best business leadership minds globally. The good news is that so much of the learning converges around three key themes. Here they are…

Congratulations Orbica! How Scaling Up Helped SupersizeSME Finalist Orbica Grow from 2 to 15 staff in 15 Months!

Congratulations to the team at Orbica for being a top three finalist in the SupersizeSME BNZ awards. I’ve had the great privilege of being part of the Orbica journey from early on and have watched them use Scaling Up to grow from 2 to 15 staff in just 15 months.

Leadership Development Is The Key To Business Growth

A business will only grow as fast as the CEO grows themselves and their senior leadership team. Leadership development is the key to business growth. It’s the concept that if you want to grow sustainably, you need knowledge, tools and support.

Multipliers – How The Best Business Leaders Harness The Intelligence Of Their Teams

In her book: Multipliers, Liz Wiseman explains why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams, while others elevate people to produce better results. Here’s what I learned from seeing her live.

Five Points to Consider when Choosing a Great Business Consultant

If you are a business leader who is looking for action and results and who has a sense of urgency about growing your business then take the time to find the right person to help.

Grow Your Business With A Strong People Management Strategy

Bad apples in a team can cripple your business, but many leaders delay getting rid of unproductive or destructive staff at the expense of their existing team members. The secret to addressing this is in your recruitment strategy. Find out how.

Turn Your Business Strategy Into An Action Plan

Kick off 2018 positively with some measurable goals to achieve by the end of the year and some goals for your first quarter. It involves thinking strategically, sticking to the plan and executing effectively. 

Cut Bottlenecks to Increase Employee Satisfaction & Business Growth

A focus on reducing bottlenecks and increasing flow in your business operations will increase employee happiness as well as create a path for growth and profitability.

Managing People While Scaling Up

Many businesses struggle with their people, especially when they start to scale. Discover how to ensure you have the right team to help grow your business.

Accountability, Responsibility and Authority

Confusion over what accountability, responsibility and authority really mean can severely impact productivity, team performance, and business growth.

Why Thinking Big Is Not Enough To Sustain Business Growth

New Zealand is a small country and we have to think big for our businesses to survive. But today, thinking big is not enough – we have to change our mindset and outthink our competition.