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Accountability is Critical to Business Success

Is your team routinely missing their sales targets? Do your managers and executives tolerate underperformers? Perhaps you have noticed that quarterly or annual priorities are being missed? Persistent, annoying, and unresolved problems are a sign that you may have a problem with accountability within your organisation. When left to fester, a lack of accountability can … Continue reading Accountability is Critical to Business Success

Inflation and the Impact on Company Cash Reserves

Inflation has been on the rise over the past months, and economic data is now confirming the inflationary trend is impacting businesses, governments, and households worldwide. With my own clients and connections, I have been hearing horror stories of companies that have fixed prices too far out or been too slow in putting up their … Continue reading Inflation and the Impact on Company Cash Reserves

7 Actionable Tactics to Counter Inflationary Threat

Inflation has been on the rise over the past months, with economic data now confirming that the inflationary trend is impacting businesses, governments, and households worldwide. CEOs and Business leaders worldwide should be considering strategic moves and tactical actions to counter the inflationary threat to their business' health, cash flow, and profitability. Gravitas Impact, a … Continue reading 7 Actionable Tactics to Counter Inflationary Threat

Strengthening company culture as a means of combatting “The Great Resignation”

A phrase that I repeatedly heard from business and employment analysts over the summer has been "The Great Resignation". It is a term used to describe the increasing number of employees globally who are choosing to leave, often long-term employers, for an opportunity to do something new or seek better working conditions than currently experienced. … Continue reading Strengthening company culture as a means of combatting “The Great Resignation”

Scaling up in 2022 begins with new knowledge

Behind every great business leader is a bookshelf of business books that helped them along the way—a collection of ideas, strategies and literary toolkits that they have turned to when seeking inspiration and knowledge. As a business coach to CEO’s and executive teams of mid-size market companies, I have read those same books and have … Continue reading Scaling up in 2022 begins with new knowledge

Radical Alignment to a Core Strategy

As a Senior Certified Gravitas Impact Business Coach, I have worked with many mid-size companies to maximise their growth opportunities and become market leaders in their industries. Working with over 300 companies, I have seen time and time again the difference made in having a well-defined simple core strategy that is embedded, communicated and alive … Continue reading Radical Alignment to a Core Strategy

How to attract the right people in a tight labour market

Attracting the right people for your business is difficult due to the pandemic restricting movement and the current economic climate. I have heard from a growing number of business leaders here and overseas lamenting the availability of talented people in their industry, especially when in competition with overseas companies trying to lure local talent. Or, … Continue reading How to attract the right people in a tight labour market

The Gravitas Impact Difference

People often ask me why I chose to become a Gravitas Impact business consultant. My answer is simple - because Gravitas Impact is the best in what they do. Gravitas Impact is a global community of the world’s top business coaches. As an organisation, they are world leaders in helping mid-market companies scale and achieve … Continue reading The Gravitas Impact Difference

The Difference a Gravitas Impact Premium Coach Makes | Research Findings

There is a common misconception in the business world that CEOs at the top of their game do not require the services of a business coach. A survey recently conducted by Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches on results before and after receiving coaching from one of their business growth consultants reveals a different story.

How relevant is your medium-term strategy?

I am currently working with business owners and senior leadership teams as they review their medium-term strategy. Some have wondered if there is still too much uncertainty to be able to move forward or feel that they cannot see enough of what the future will hold to be able to commit to a plan beyond the next few months. Here is my advice…

Your Brand Promise is Not a Marketing Slogan

Your brand promise is not a marketing slogan. It is the key factor which differentiates you from your competitors. Your brand promise is what brings customers to you, so it must be both competitive and measurable.

Understanding your Core Customer to drive sales growth.

We all know that customers are the lifeblood of a business. But how well do you know your core customer? Is your company in alignment to deliver the needs, wants, demands and desires that are important to your primary source of income?

Pivoting – The difference between success and failure.

Whilst it is an incredibly challenging time for business, many companies will survive and recover. For a number of companies, COVID-19 has provided their organisations with an opportunity to innovate and thrive.

What Stalls Business Growth?

Working side-by-side with top mid-market businesses across New Zealand and Australia, Leigh Paulden is often asked to help solve problems with growth. Leigh has identified the key reasons why businesses don’t grow as fast as they should or stop growing altogether.

Are bad suppliers hurting your business growth?

During the last few months of 2019 I was kept busy assisting clients with their quarterly and annual reviews. Listening to them as they reflected upon their performance and discussed pressure points, I was reminded that no business acts in isolation. There is always a chain, you rely on your suppliers. If they are not performing, your business will look bad and this will affect your business growth. Learn how to avoid this situation…

Are you and your staff on the same page?

I find long weekends are the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends who I haven’t seen for a while, share in good food, laughter and catch up with what has been going in each other’s lives since we last met. However, like most business owners am sure, I find it difficult not to “talk … Continue reading Are you and your staff on the same page?

What Stalls Growth: Poor Execution

The third reason for stalled growth lies with how you execute your strategy – how you get your staff to do the things you want them to do to achieve your goals. If you and your staff are not productively implementing a great strategy, growth will be hampered and your company will perform poorly. The best way to boost execution is with the ‘4 Disciplines of Execution’ – let me explain why.

What Stalls Business Growth? Having a Weak or Non-existent Strategy.

During the last decade, strategy has been the main focus of high-growth companies around the globe. This is because a well-executed strategy is the driving engine behind revenue growth. If you are a mid-market business, are having problems increasing your revenue, then it is time to take a closer look at your strategy. This is … Continue reading What Stalls Business Growth? Having a Weak or Non-existent Strategy.

What Stalls Growth? The Capacity and Capability of your People.

In my work with mid-market businesses across New Zealand and Australia, I am often asked to help solve problems with growth. Over the years I have identified some key reasons why businesses don’t grow as fast as they should, or stop growing altogether. In part 1 of my blog series I look at the capacity of your people and highlight the changes that you can make to get your business back on track.

Book Review: Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World

The nine lies about work that will help you become a better leader Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall* are co-authors of the book, Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World. In it, they discuss reasons why the ‘established rules’ of business can actually hamper growth and cause businesses to fail. … Continue reading Book Review: Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World

Kiwi Businesses are great at innovation – but they are not thinking big enough.

I was surrounded by mid-sized business leaders from around the world at the recent EntreLeadership Summit when I was reminded that kiwi businesses are really good at innovation. We have to be, as the NZ market is too small to provide sustainable business growth for anyone with big aspirations. However, whilst we may be great at innovation, NZ businesses are still not thinking big enough.

When Hiring Stop Focusing On Technical Skills And Hire On Attitude

We recently had the privilege of seeing Patrick Lencioni live. He is a business expert in team management and the author of eleven best-seller books including 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. His advice to the mid-market business owner was to stop favouring technical skills over behavioural/attitude skills when hiring someone. The key takeaway: hire on attitude.

NZ Business in China – Mid-Market Opportunity

Yes, it is true that economic activity in China weakened in 2018 and official statistics placed real GDP growth at 6.6 percent in 2018. But, and it is a big but, China still has one of the most enviable growth rates in the world. Looking at the facts what can we expect in 2019 and what opportunities could your company be taking advantage of as a result?

Business Consulting Services With Gravitas Impact

Successful business leaders surround themselves with the best people. And if you’re going to stake your company’s future on someone, you need to be sure they bring more than opinion to the table. Gravitas Impact (GI) Coaches are recognised as world leaders in business growth. The only two GI certified business consultants in NZ are from SSBG.

Does your business have the framework to scale?

Are you a business leader who is worried that you are not growing fast enough? Or are your sales increasing too quickly and your growth is outstripping the capabilities of your team? You know there must be a better way to scale up, but which framework will work for your business? The Four Decisions Framework will help resolve these issues so you can achieve scalable success.

Do You See Your People As Part Of Your Business Strategy?

One question I am often asked is “what is the difference between clients that grow fast and those that take a little longer?” Interestingly, the answer has remained the same in my 17 years of helping businesses grow. The businesses that grow better, faster and smarter are those that have their people strategy right.

Showcase Your Company Culture When Hiring To Attract A Players

During a meeting with a growing business last week, the CEO said he was sick of dealing with ‘people drama’. He wanted advice to build a strong culture so he could focus on running the business instead of dealing with HR issues. Sound familiar? We spoke to a number of mid-market growth companies and asked them how they hire with company culture in mind.

The NZ Business Opportunity in Africa

We have been closely watching the growth of the African market and believe there is a great opportunity for the NZ mid-market in the medium to long-term. The NZ business opportunity in Africa has evolved with the market at an exponential rate. To help you understand the market better, here are a few key points that may surprise you.

Most execution problems are rooted in leadership’s inability to get out of their own way.

You have your strategy, your team, and your map. You know what needs to be done, but you just can’t seem to get out of the strategy phase. Why is execution such an impossible task for businesses? The answer is delegation and basic planning. Here’s how to address your business execution problems head-on.

What structure is best for your business?

Here we discuss the pros and cons of a board of directors vs an advisory board. More and more mid-market growth businesses are turning to advisory boards to improve and grow their business. This is particularly so in New Zealand and Australia, where the cost of a board of directors … Continue reading

Turning 2018 Business Trends into Opportunities

The mid-term US elections are over and the power in the US has been redistributed, but still, most NZ businesses who export are concerned about the steady escalation of the US/China “Trade War”. To mitigate risk, mid-market companies are strengthening their relationships with regional trading partners in interesting ways.

Why Now Is The Time To Think About Your Annual Plan

Some things are vital to the health of a business and setting time aside to prepare your annual plan and priorities is one such activity. My advice to leaders in the mid-market is to set a date for your annual planning workshop before the end of the year so you have your strategy set before you leave work for Christmas…

Why A Structured Communication Process Speeds Up Decision Making

Most companies we see don’t have a structured communication process in place. They don’t realise that two very important things happen when everyone in your business communicates regularly. Firstly, you nip problems in the bud. Secondly, the speed of decision making accelerates.

10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail To Execute Their Strategy

The reason why great execution is so important to a growing business is because execution drives profits and time management. Here are the top 10 reasons why companies fail at execution and some tips to help you execute better. If you get these things right, your business will grow.

What Stalls Growth: Cashflow. Cash Is The Oxygen That Fuels Business Growth

The fact is that business growth requires cash. A reason why businesses find cash flow management difficult is that it’s not easy to run the numbers to see the impact of making different financial decisions. To ensure your cash flow position is strong, you need practical and actionable tools.

How to Grow Your Business by Becoming a Better Leader

A key to scalable growth is strong leadership, but very few people are born leaders. As you grow your business you also need to grow as a leader. Here is what I learned from leadership expert John Maxwell that will help determine your success.

Three Executive Leadership Development Tips For Business Growth

As part of my rigorous Gazelles International re-certification, I’m expected be across the thinking of the best business leadership minds globally. The good news is that so much of the learning converges around three key themes. Here they are…

Congratulations Orbica! How Scaling Up Helped SupersizeSME Finalist Orbica Grow from 2 to 15 staff in 15 Months!

Congratulations to the team at Orbica for being a top three finalist in the SupersizeSME BNZ awards. I’ve had the great privilege of being part of the Orbica journey from early on and have watched them use Scaling Up to grow from 2 to 15 staff in just 15 months.

Leadership Development Is The Key To Business Growth

A business will only grow as fast as the CEO grows themselves and their senior leadership team. Leadership development is the key to business growth. It’s the concept that if you want to grow sustainably, you need knowledge, tools and support.

Multipliers – How The Best Business Leaders Harness The Intelligence Of Their Teams

In her book: Multipliers, Liz Wiseman explains why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams, while others elevate people to produce better results. Here’s what I learned from seeing her live.

How a CFO Can Help You Generate More Cash in Your Business

Many businesses make the mistake of viewing their accounting team as pure overhead. As a result, many businesses under-invest in this part of the organisation. This is a error in judgement as one of the best investments that a company can make is boosting the numbers side of the business. Hiring just one additional accounting … Continue reading How a CFO Can Help You Generate More Cash in Your Business

Five Points to Consider when Choosing a Great Business Consultant

If you are a business leader who is looking for action and results and who has a sense of urgency about growing your business then take the time to find the right person to help.

Grow Your Business With A Strong People Management Strategy

Bad apples in a team can cripple your business, but many leaders delay getting rid of unproductive or destructive staff at the expense of their existing team members. The secret to addressing this is in your recruitment strategy. Find out how.

Turn Your Business Strategy Into An Action Plan

Kick off 2018 positively with some measurable goals to achieve by the end of the year and some goals for your first quarter. It involves thinking strategically, sticking to the plan and executing effectively. 

Cut Bottlenecks to Increase Employee Satisfaction & Business Growth

A focus on reducing bottlenecks and increasing flow in your business operations will increase employee happiness as well as create a path for growth and profitability.

Managing People While Growing

Many businesses struggle with their people, especially when they start to scale. Discover how to ensure you have the right team to help grow your business.

Accountability, Responsibility and Authority

Confusion over what accountability, responsibility and authority really mean can severely impact productivity, team performance, and business growth.

Why Thinking Big Is Not Enough To Sustain Business Growth

New Zealand is a small country and we have to think big for our businesses to survive. But today, thinking big is not enough – we have to change our mindset and outthink our competition.