Grow Your Business With A Strong People Management Strategy

People management strategy for growth firms is something we are constantly working with our clients to address. It is always a top concern for businesses that are growing or looking to grow.

As an example, over the holidays, I met up with a friend who manages a team of people in the competitive media industry and I asked how her business was going.

She immediately told me a story that you have probably heard a thousand times; of one bad apple spoiling the barrel. That is, a negative and destructive member of staff who sucks the energy out of the team, drains productivity, creates conflict at every chance and who gives customers the worst possible impression of the business.

My friend admitted to trying to make it work for far too long. The staff member was a relative of one of the board members, and because of nepotism, tried everything to make it work.

Holding out hope, making concessions, and trying to educate and train the staff member into shape all provided no dividends. The team member became even more resentful, their sense of entitlement grew and they became aggressive at work.

“I finally found a way to get him out.” my friend said tiredly.

“Was it expensive?”

“Of course.”

“Did you lose other staff because of this bad apple?”

“Yes, three of our best staff moved on while he was here.”

“What’s happened to your profit this year?”

“We are struggling to break even.”

How many times have you heard this story?

Addressing Your People Management Strategy

Deciding it’s time to let someone go is stressful, expensive, but ultimately necessary. But why is it that usually smart business people ignore the collateral damage of losing A-grade players from their team? When you think of the cost of lost production, along with the effect of stress and conflict on existing team members, it’s hard to justify not acting earlier.

But how do you do it? Most business owners put up with this crippling expense rather than face it.

You see, the secret to addressing this is in your people management strategy. Here’s a way to help you develop yours.

Topgrading – the proven hiring method that turbocharges company performance

Brad Smart, the author of Topgrading, advises business leaders to go through a process of bringing on high performance employees (A Players) and culling non-productive and destructive C Players.

His people management approach advocates businesses to thoroughly interview prospective employees so that every hire is an A Player – a high performance individual who raises your team’s game.

He says: “One of the key competencies of an A Player is resourcefulness.” Read this article Topgrading’s MOST Important Competency to learn how to identify this competence reliably.

Brad shows us that it’s possible to recognise and hire A Player talent for your team and that the more A Players you have on your team, the more A Player talent you attract.

It’s not easy, but nothing great ever is. If you are committed to the success of your business and the happiness and productiveness of your employees, then you need to be willing to do what it takes. You can’t get a different result by doing the same things.

So if you don’t know about Topgrading I recommend taking the time to read this excellent business book. You may also like SSBG Director Leigh Paulden’s people management article delving into winning hiring practices and explaining how Core Values Should Drive Your Employment Choices.

Let’s make 2018 the time to build your team of A Players!

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