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Global Security

My CFO and I attended a Scaling Up seminar in September 2014, which we enjoyed greatly, and we immediately saw the benefits of applying these principles to our business. In reading Verne’s book and reviewing the associated materials, we quickly identified that there was a great deal of information to absorb, interpret and apply to our business.We then sought assistance and were introduced to Leigh Paulden – whose input has been incredibly valuable. He has communicated the fundamentals of the Scaling Up program in our language, assisted us to identify barriers and make several significant decisions to remove these – this has transformed how we see ourselves and our ability to move ahead with speed.

We have recently had the confidence to introduce our wider management team within our regular meeting program. This has been received with incredible support.

I strongly recommend Leigh and his services. The benefits of developing a positive, focused and results based environment, with significant additional business value, greatly outweigh any investments we have made.