Is Your Business Living its Core Values?

Core Values are all about people and how they conduct themselves, so it’s essential for your business to have a team where everyone lives effortlessly by your values.

Core Values

Core Values are simply a handful of rules that your company has in place and lives by regularly. They are not what you aspire to be as an organisation, they are what your company lives by now.

They are essential to your organisation’s identity, and might be something like:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Family first

Whatever they are, your company must define them – they must come from how you actually operate, not from outside.  Share and repeat them often and live by them yourself.

Reducing People Problems

When you have people that fit, who have the same core values and are aligned to where your organisation is going, a huge number of the people issues disappear. When it is clear how someone should act, they have the permission and ability to perform better, which also provides managers more time to manage.

When a business is in the process of hiring staff, the core values should be visible to applicants. The questions you ask right at the start of the interview process should be questions to clarify a person’s core values. If an applicant’s values do not align with your company values, this may be a problem. They are not likely to fit in with your business and may cost you time and money.

Core values help manage performance expectations of all employees. This includes new staff that will become acquainted with the core values as part of their induction process. Clarify the behaviours that everyone is expected to uphold at work. Provide a framework for decision-making and agreements about how people are expected to interact with each other.

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A Way to Build a Great Culture

So core values are not just a wall poster, they are a framework for building a great culture. And it’s this great culture that is crucial to organisations succeeding and maintaining sustainable growth.

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