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Business Consulting Services With Gravitas Impact

Successful business leaders surround themselves with the best people. And if you’re going to stake your company’s future on someone, you need to be sure they bring more than opinion to the table. Gravitas Impact (GI) Coaches are recognised as world leaders in business growth. The only two GI certified business consultants in NZ are from SSBG.

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The NZ Business Opportunity in Africa

We have been closely watching the growth of the African market and believe there is a great opportunity for the NZ mid-market in the medium to long-term. The NZ business opportunity in Africa has evolved with the market at an exponential rate. To help you understand the market better, here are a few key points that may surprise you.

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Turning 2018 Business Trends into Opportunities

The mid-term US elections are over and the power in the US has been redistributed, but still, most NZ businesses who export are concerned about the steady escalation of the US/China “Trade War”. To mitigate risk, mid-market companies are strengthening their relationships with regional trading partners in interesting ways.

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