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Business Consulting Services With Gravitas Impact

Successful business leaders surround themselves with the very best people. And if you’re going to stake your company’s future on someone, you need to be sure they bring more than opinion to the table. You want them to have had skin in the game and you want them to be the best in their field. You want to know that their qualifications have been earned. The best business consulting services come from being more than a subject matter expert. It’s about energising, motivating and inspiring business leaders with proven tools and an individualised approach.

Gravitas Impact (GI) Coaches provide business consulting services, are recognised as world leaders in business mentoring and they want to keep it that way. Which is why their certification process is so rigorous and takes years to obtain. It is so difficult in fact, that we boast the only certified GI consultant in New Zealand (we cover Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and the main regions in NZ).

Why is it so tough to gain certification?

Gravitas Impact want their coaches to know first-hand what it takes to build a successful business. They don’t “make mentors”, they partner with them. It takes years to attain certification, so applicants must be able to support themselves during the process for a start.

Obtaining GI certification is the pinnacle of the business consultants’ success, not the first rung on the ladder.

There are six steps to certification and step one has to be completed before you are even allowed to begin the application process.

Step One. You must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Provide substantial business coaching and/or management consulting services to mid-market firms with 10–250+ employees and/or $3MM–$250MM in annual revenue.
  • Show at least three years of successful consulting with mid-market-sized organizations, or three years of experience running a business unit at the Profit and Loss level or higher.
  • Demonstrate a successful track record in executive-level management and leadership while growing your own coaching business.
  • Prove your entrepreneurial success in building a mid-market company.  

Step Two. A very thorough applicant acceptance process.

This is to:

  • Check that you are as good as you say you are. Only high calibre applicants are accepted and they have to genuine.
  • Check that your experience and standing in the business community is at the level expected by mid-market firms.
  • That your core values and your company’s purpose aligns with those of Gravitas Impact.

One of the questions they also ask at this point is who do you focus on. Are you focused on SME or mid-market businesses? Knowing how mid-market companies operate is crucial if you are going to succeed as a Gravitas Impact Coach. They know that CEO’s will not tolerate it if you are not experienced at their level.

Step 3. Absorbing the Intellectual Property (IP)

If you successfully complete the first two stages, you are then provided with an introduction to GI’s knowledge bank. A good grounding in what makes a product work is an important step in any business. Gravitas Impact knows this and prospective coaches spend months learning the fundamentals of what makes GI’s programmes so successful.

Step 4. Show us what you know

Five days of intensive training sharpens your focus even more. At the end of the week, you have to demonstrate what you have learned. If you do not pass the test set by Gravitas Impact, you are out of the programme. It is like putting your product in front of its first focus group. If they don’t like what they see, they will put you back on the shelf.

Step 5. Becoming a GI master and only then will we certify you to provide business consulting services 

Once you have passed step 4, you are then given nine months to learn all of the core IP. You are assigned a mentor to assist with your learning. They will decide if and when you are ready to:

  • Sit a three-hour oral panel exam (where you must achieve an 85% + pass rate or fail the programme)
  • Deliver the programme to two senior management teams (where you must receive an NPS score average of 9 or 10 or fail the programme).

If your mentor decides that you are not ready at the end of nine months to sit the exam, then you are out of the programme.

Step 6. Congratulations, until next year

Once you have passed steps 1-5, you become part of an extraordinary executive community with the number of certified Gravitas Impact coaches worldwide numbering only in the 100’s.

The process does not end with step five, however, and every year I have to be recertified. I need to prove that I still hold the knowledge and competency to be a Gravitas Impact coach. If I do not pass, I lose my certification. I have not done so yet and do not intend to for I know how valuable having a GI certified business consultant working beside you in your business can be.

We know that our clients are looking for Experience, Tools, and Credibility – and this is exactly what a Gravitas Impact Consultant can deliver.

Client benefits from working with a Gravitas Impact Business Consultant:

  • The IP comes from a number of the world’s leading business thinkers and sits within Gravitas Impact.
  • Only Gravitas Impact coaches/consultants are allowed to use the IP.
  • The Framework and Tools have been proven across thousands of mid-market companies globally.
  • The tools are simple, practical, actionable and the expert advice from a GI consultant will help you:
    • Achieve your goals 3x faster.
    • Realise up to 3x increase in profitability.
    • Experience up to 2x increase in cash flow.

So if you are looking for a proven framework, an individualised approach, and expert advice to scale up with success, then get in touch today. We embody the answer to ‘what is a business consultant?’ Together we can move your business forward.

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    Leigh Paulden


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