Four Decisions Framework

Does your business have the framework to scale?

Are you a business leader who is worried that you are not growing fast enough? Or are your sales increasing too quickly and your growth is outstripping the capabilities of your team? Are you looking at your results and thinking, what can I do better? You know there must be a better way to scale up, but which framework will work for your business?

We can help.

Gravitas Impact developed the Four Decisions Framework to help resolve these issues and Mike and I are the only two certified consultants in New Zealand who can help your business succeed. The Framework has had proven success, is simple, and is the leading business growth framework. We can help you drive and manage growth, think and work smarter, build capability, motivate teams, manage company culture, and achieve scalable success.

How will we do this?

The Four Decisions Framework is a complete business approach based on four pillars:

  • People – when you have the right people working for you and help them fulfill their potential, the result is less internal conflict and a work culture that will help drive success. For example, a dysfunctional team is typically one where people bring emotion to the staff meeting, or to decision making. By helping your team turn that emotion into something empowering instead, you will immediately notice a difference in the time it takes to achieve resolution.
  • Strategy – Strategy does not need to be complex, but it does have to reflect what your company does best. Simple and consistent is the key. It must be adaptable to changing circumstances and needs to encompass the values, the purpose and competencies of your company. When you have the right strategy in place, the result is an increase in revenue which in turn creates growth.
  • Execution – New goals require new ways of doing things. Is your team prepared and capable of change? Effective execution drives profits and improves time management. Tighten your execution and you can significantly improve your margins and profits, and reduce the time it takes to complete your goals. Results at this stage include an improved net profit and more time for your management team to work on sustainably growing the business.
  • Cash – Fact – growth sucks cash. But if you can understand your cash conversion cycles and find ways to improve them, then it doesn’t have to be so bad. Effectively managing your cash flow will help you weather any unexpected storms and self-fund further growth.

The Four Decisions Framework has empowered more than 20,000 executives and their leadership teams globally. We know it works and business leaders who implement this business framework through us typically experience:

  • An increase in cash flow, two times greater than before Four Decisions framework implementation.
  • An increase in industry profitability, three times greater than before Four Decisions framework implementation.
  • Improved capability and alignment of teams, resulting in less employee conflict and a happier work environment for all.
  • An increase in valuation relative to the competition.
  • A reduction in the time it takes to manage the business by up to 90%.
  • An improvement in the leadership skills of the business owner and a healthy and strong company culture.
  • Increased flexibility in management work schedules, allowing more time to be spent on productive measures instead of problems.

If you would like to assess the growth trajectory of your business and receive a complimentary consultation, then take a look at our online mini assessment tool. It only takes 15 mins and will give you key information that will help you build a growth roadmap to future success.

Or check out our business programs and workshops and get in touch to see how we can help you grow.

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  • About the Author, Leigh Paulden

    Leigh Paulden


    Leigh Paulden is an author and internationally certified business growth consultant with over 30 years of experience across 30+ different industries. He works with mid-market business leaders looking to grow. He creates the clarity and certainty needed to make great decisions and achieve scalable and sustainable success.

    Find out more about Leigh or contact him to discuss taking your business growth to the next level.