SupersizeSME Finalist Orbica Grew from 2 to 15 staff in 15 Months!

Congratulations Orbica! How Scaling Up Helped SupersizeSME Finalist Orbica Grow from 2 to 15 staff in 15 Months!

Congratulations to Kurt Janssen and the team at Orbica for being announced as a top three finalist in the SupersizeSME BNZ awards. A fantastic achievement that has taken commitment and focus. I’ve had the great privilege of being part of the Orbica journey from very early on and have watched them work hard using the internationally proven Scaling Up framework to grow from 2 to 15 staff in just 15 months.

Orbica was started in 2017 and helps firms realise the full value and potential in their data. Specialists in location data intelligence solutions, Orbica holds a unique market position in that they can develop and deliver dynamic IT solutions that use both geographic and business information data.

When we met, around 16 months ago, I could immediately see that Orbica was driven to shake up the geospatial industry and provide innovative geospatial solutions to a wide range of industries. This clear and purpose-driven pursuit gave Orbica the direction needed to scale their business with success.

How Scaling Up Helped SupersizeSME Finalist Orbica Achieve Fast and Sustainable Growth

To achieve fast but sustainable growth a business has to get the right things right. Using the Scaling Up framework as our base, we worked on the three key business areas; strategy, people and execution.

1. People – get the right people doing the right things

To grow fast, Orbica focused on a stellar recruitment and staffing strategy. Getting the right people in the business who are working on the right things has been a cornerstone practice. Orbica searches for A-Players to join their team by using core values to drive employment decisions and company culture.  They have very clearly defined accountability for every role, function and process to keep the business running smoothly, keep track of business performance, and stay focused to achieve the right results on time.

2. Strategy – a long-term view

Understanding that an effective strategy starts by centring on a core ideology, Orbica has been very clear on their driving passion and the core values of the business. The focus has been a combination of long and short-term thinking – being clear about their future destination, their position in the market and their shorter-term priorities. In this way, Orbica has developed clear long-term, mid-term, and short-term strategies.

3. Execution – the pursuit of excellence

Execution drives profit and reduces management time, and with that in mind, Orbica has been implementing the internationally proven execution tool – the Rockefeller Habits Checklist. The checklist helps major functions of everyday business to run smoothly and efficiently and helps remind a company of what it needs to be doing on an ongoing basis. With Orbica, we ensure they check off every single box!

Dedicated and consistent focus on their people, their strategy, and their execution is how Scaling Up helped SupersizeSME finalist Orbica achieve sustainable growth.

The Result

Orbica have grown exponentially over 15 months. They have been selected as a top three finalist in BNZ’s SupersizeSME competition in recognition of excellence in business. Congratulations team Orbica and best wishes for the finals!


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