The 4 Decisions Framework

A Proven Success Framework

Accelerate your business growth with guidance, advice and support from an expert. Leigh Paulden’s world-class training and experience gives him the unique ability to thoroughly understand the proven methodologies of the world’s best business minds and apply these to your business.

The Four Decisions

The Four Decisions (based on Mastering the Rockefeller Habits) refer to the critical decisions that companies must get right to succeed. Leigh is specifically trained to help you align these four areas so that you and your leadership team can get focused, get working and grow.


Do you have the right people to grow your business? Relationships in business are the biggest area of strain – focus on getting the right people doing the right things, with clear accountabilities and structures, then you can move forward.


If revenue is not growing as quickly as you would like – it’s time to re-examine your strategy. Many organisations don’t know where they want to be in a decade, so they don’t know if their actions are right for the long term.


If revenue is increasing, but your profit isn’t, then you need to look at how you’re executing your strategy. Execution drives profits and time. Good execution results in higher profits and more time for management to work on the business.


Growth sucks cash. It is oxygen to a company and knowing your cash conversion cycles and then improving them is vital. Do you know how long it takes from when you spend a dollar, until you get that dollar back?

More resources to help you make the Four Decisions

Which of the four critical business decisions will be your primary focus? Leigh will help you prioritise. See our extensive Tools & Resources to help you understand the fundamentals of the framework.

Success breeds success

The majority of Leigh’s clients come from referrals, because many people want to share their achievements and help others in the business community succeed. Leigh has a passion for strong business strategy and is driven by the desire to help businesses in New Zealand grow and achieve.

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