Growth Strategy Consulting

If you are growing your business or ready to grow, you will need a proven framework, an individualised approach and expert advice to get you there. Growth strategy consulting gives you access to these key elements. At SSBG, we have made it our life’s work to find, understand and implement world leading, proven business strategy to help businesses grow.

Leading strategic frameworks

The two strategic frameworks most recognised for success globally are Scaling Up and Outthinker:

  • Scaling Up is used by 40,000 businesses globally and includes the famous 4 Decisions Framework, the Rockefeller Habits Checklist, and One Page Strategic Plan.
  • Outthinker provides a strategic pathway to innovation and disruption. Developed by a team of ex-McKinsey consultants, it has been honed in practice over 10 years and is gaining momentum worldwide.

Our expertise at SSBG lies in the ability to translate these leading strategic frameworks into relevant strategy and sustained growth for NZ businesses.

Read more about Scaling Up and Outthinker.

Growth strategy consulting success

We work with New Zealand’s top mid-market firms including:

In FY2016 SSBG clients achieved an average growth rate of 19.2%.

How is your business performing?

See if you are implementing the 10 Essential Habits that are proven to significantly improve net profit. Download the Rockefeller Habits Checklist to get started.

If you struggle to tick any or most of these key habits within your business, there is a way to:

  • Reduce the time it takes you to manage your business by up to 90%
  • Dramatically improve your net profit immediately

Get on the path to success

Are you ready to achieve scalable sustainable business growth? Get in touch to discover how growth strategy consulting can help move your business forward.